A Northern Star, A Perfect Stone (Celestial Version) is an instrumental, ambient re-imagining of the textural and melodic environments found on the original record.


A Northern Star, A Perfect Stone (Celestial Version) is OUT NOW on Paper Bag Records.

This piece is an instrumental, ambient re-imagining of 'A Northern Star, A Perfect Stone', my first record released on Paper Bag Records on July 28th, 2017.

Shortly before the release of the original record, I had an idea for an evolving piece of music that would call upon melodic themes, textures, 'vibes' if you will, from 'A Northern Star, A Perfect Stone'. Eventually the project evolved into a full-length ambient record, with a section to represent each song. I wanted to give the original record a new dimension, as though the original songs were glimpses into a world of potential. I hope this will encourage you to revisit the original record with a new perspective.

If you found comfort in a particular song's environment, you can set up shop there, take a look around, make yourself at home.

I've called it the 'Celestial Version' because it felt like reflection from a distance, light from stars long dead, a distant memory where moments illuminate, shift shape and are lost in the ether. Also, it sounded slightly cooler than 'Ambient Version' or 'Sleepy Night Night Version'.

I know this all might seems strange for those of you who see this as a songwriter's project, and I definitely understand that. I guess I hope that this will give you guys a little more insight into my creative pursuits. For those of you anticipating new music with singing/lyrics/songs and all that business, first of all, thank you, and second of all, it is coming. This is an artistic detour that you're invited to join me on, but if not, no hard feelings! I hope our paths cross again soon.

Thank you so much to Hotbby Bunswith Nunu and Rowan Grice for your violin and cello additions, respectively.

Visuals by Connory Ballantyne, Steven Henderson on that camera operation.

Thank you to Kory Ross for the beautiful artwork.

Love to all.